Stop Doing! Start Being! #ShabbosProject2019

A few years ago, South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein did the impossible. With unbelievable drive and dedication he successfully united Jews of all levels and from all types of backgrounds to unitedly observe one Shabbat. Approximately 50,000 Jews kept Shabbat, many for their first time; they celebrated by coming together for challah baking on Thursday night, community meals on Shabbat and a Saturday night unity concert.

Since then, with hundreds of other cities, DALLAS has joined the first ever global Shabbos Project.  In Dallas alone, over 1,000 people have attended the annual challah bakes and  the Saturday night havdallah concert.  This year, let’s make it even greater.  Join us for shabbat on October 26-27th!

The entire Jewish community is invited to participate in the Shabbos Project again this year. We are planning a Challah Bake, Shabbatons throuhgout the City and a Havdallah Concert!

You’re invited to join Jews from throughout the Metroplex in a massive community wide event. We will be kicking off the International Shabbos Project with an inspiring Great  Challah Bake on Wednesday evening, November 13th, 2019

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Current co-sponsoring organizations:

Shearith Israel, Congregation Ohev Shalom, Ohr Ha Torah, Sephardic Torah Center of Dallas, Levine Academy, Shaare Tefila , DATA, DATA of Plano, Shearith Israel

Let us know if you would like to be one of the organizations listed and we can tell you how you can help

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Challah Partnerships
Poppy Partners $36
Sesame Partners $180
Raisin Partners $500
Za’atar Partners $1,200
Honey Partners $1,800
Stop doing and start Being
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